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hello all!


I never did master the art of taking self portraits, hence the giant camera in the corner.

How about an update on the flood over here?! It rained from friday afternoon till sunday at noon..straight! But, back home it has been 10x worse. Apparently there has been over 200mm of rain that has fallen and there are a ton of flooded roads, people have been asked to evacuate, etc. It kind of baffles me, considering it was totally unexpected! Anyways… enough about that, how about food?


These, my friends are Mama Pea’s Pumpkin Spice Roasted Chickpeas. And, if you haven’t made these before do it STAT. Seriously, these are amazing. <3 They made an excellent addition to my salad


YUM. I had the exact same salad for yesterday’s supper & today’s lunch. I also made another recipe from another blogger but, that will have to wait till tomorrows post as I want to feature it as a breakfast photo :) Those are actually the only two photos of food I have taken… I didn’t take any photos yesterday because NOTHING was exciting. All I did was go for a run ( an managed to trip over my shoelaces and fell in the middle of the sidewalk. Both knees are now scraped and slightly swollen ) and walk to the grocery store.

All of a sudden I totally went blank and have NOTHING to write about… weird. I DO however, have a pretty good post outlined in my mind for tomorrow (: so, if you don’t mind I’ll just post some pictures to end this ridiculously short post.








I was browsing through old photos( like the one above) and I found this precious thing


is she not adorable? This was the first winter we had her, 2008. She was just a two year old. I feel like a mother, watching a kid grow up. For Lucy to go from the above, a scrawny,baby faced two year old to this :


A stunning, matured , perfect little horse <3

I apologize for gushing so much, I just miss her like crazy and cannot wait to see her :)

Sorry for the lame post, that’s all I’ve got!

Night :)



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hey guys, how’s your weekend going so far?

Mine has been….extremely boring. As in last consisted of three things:



grease-poster (source)

watching one of my favorite movies ever

and painting my nails, which I don’t have a picture of, I don’t think you will mind?

It wasn’t the worst night ever but, I definitely could think of better things I could have done. I was going to go to the university, which is a twenty minute walk away but alas, a tropical storm decided to grace Halifax with its presence. Apparently it is even worse in my hometown, where there is flooded  from the 130+ mm of rain that has fallen. Lovely. I can only hope that it has cleared up by the time I go home on Wednesday!

Anyways, I awoke this morning again to this lovely view


though you can’t tell, it was pouring rain. Therefore, I was confined to my apartment the majority of the day,except for a 45min soaking wet walk to the grocery store. So, I kept my workout inside. I strength trained for thirty minutes, loosely following one of Gina’s workouts.

superset 1 bicep curls & tricep dips (15 reps each) repeated three times
superset 2 pushups( girliestyle), bent over wide row(15 reps each) repeated three times
superset 3 high knees(1 minute),high kicks( 20 each leg) repeated two times
superset 4 ball crunches (15) , ball back ext’n ( 15) repeated three times
superset 5 plank ( 30 secs), bicycle crunches ( 30 ) repeated two times

I also was going crazy by mid afternoon so I did something I never do : a workout video online.I chose this video  and I must say , it was fun! I’d never done a “bootcamp” workout before, so it was a nice change :)

I actually remembered to take a couple food photos today, nothing too exciting though.


sweet potato <3

and here is my weird, yet amazingly delicious supper


green pumpkin smoothie, topped with crumbled pumpkin cookie, energy mix, dates & pom arils.

fyi : I snacked pretty much constantly throughout the day, rainy days inside do that to a person.

I tried to study, I really did but… watching desperate housewives on DVD has somehow taken over on my to do list for now.And once I finish this post, I’m going to watch another classic movie

Dirty-Dancing-Quotes (source)

I’ve never seen it before so, I’m hoping I like it :)

Before I go, I want to fill out Jess’s survey because personally, I love surveys. And have been known to do those “Note” things on facebook all the time. So,

  1. Where’s the most exciting place you’ve been? Florida, with my family & my best friend. It was the trip of a lifetime,for sure.
  2. Think about something you didn’t think you could do, but could. What was it? Recover from anorexia and live a normal life. When I first started recovery, as most eating disorder sufferers do, believed I would never live a normal life.
  3. Now think about something you want to do, but are afraid to. What is it? I really WANT to run a marathon but am definitely intimidated by the time commitment and amazing strength it will take to complete it.
  4. Look to your left. What’s there?  haha no one, just the back of my couch.
  5. If Bobby Flay was your personal chef for a day, what would he make you? Well, what would you politely ask him to make you, rather? I feel like a complete and utter foodie failure because, I have NO idea what kind of food he cooks.
  6. If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be? a white tiger, I think they are gorgeous
  7. What’s something that, if you don’t do, your day feels incomplete? Listen to music and dance a bit, it brightens my mood :)
  8. What kind of vehicle do you drive? None right now, my legs carry me everywhere. But back home, we’ve got a minivan and a big ol truck, which I LOVE to drive! :)


Have a good night! :)


ps; Just FOUR days till I get to  see this darling face


hello, it’s been awhile…

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hey guys!

So, if it isn’t obvious, I took a break from blogging. The last month and a half has been… busy, tough, stressful to say the least. However, every now and then I get the random urge to blog, I just never really had the time to re-organize the blog a bit. I selected a new theme, which is kind of dark, but I still love it.

I really don’t know how to sum up what has happened in the past month and a half, it is kind of impossible. I’ve had quite a few trips home, visited my friend at her university ( my first and so far, only uni party experience ) , realized how much I LOVE my college, realizing that it’s really lonely living alone and that it is extremely hard to maintain a healthy balance in life. I’ve always had lived at home, where I’m in the barn, being active the majority of the day. Now, I’m less active because of all the studying and school. It inspired me to start blogging again, to try and adjust my eating habits and exercise routine to accompany my new lifestyle. So far, it’s been going pretty good. I’ve introduced strength training into my exercise routine ( something I’ve always hated, though am starting to realize how much it helps my running) and have been running longer and longer distances. Which I love .

So, that was pretty boring and wordy, how about I post some photos?


edit 5

edit 2

edit 4

I miss my animals so, so much when I’m here in the city. Another thing I realized? After I graduate from college, I will most likely move back to my hometown and practice massage therapy there. That way, I can continue with teaching riding lessons and hopefully, eventually, become competitive in showing. That’s my dream. Is it acheivable? I’m not totally sure yet!




Fall is beautiful, I really enjoy photography the changing colors, however, winter is coming. During my run the other day, I realized that it was snowing. Not cool. I’m going home on Wednesday till Sunday, an extra long weekend because of Remembrance Day. It had better not be too cold, I am SO excited to ride! And run with my dog :)

I’ve also decided that I’m not going to focus on food so much, I don’t really have much time to put a lot of time or effort into my meals, I’d much rather blog about my runs, about what I’m currently interested in ( GLEE! ) and what I’m thinking about. I don’t think I will be blogging daily, school isn’t going to allow for that. I’ll post when I want, when I have time.

So, for now , goodbye!

– Jenn


ps : Is she not the most adorable thing in the world?!

a quickie

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Hey guys, I’ve got about half an hour before I need to crash. Don’t all college kids go to bed at 10pm or before? haha I need to get up at 6:30am every weekday morning, to be sure I have enough time to get ready for class. It sucks, to say the least but atleast I’m done by 2:30 almost everyday :)

Now… onto my eats for the day!



yummm, yogurt mess. I will be honest, the majority of the mornings I wake up, I want a yogurt mess. More often than not, I force myself to change it up for breakfast, just for the sake of variety! In this mess there was :

vanilla yogurt, a banana, pb, raisins, almonds and topped with multigrain cheerios

simple yet delicious.

Lunch :




I’’ve seen this beauty on Meghann’s blog. And I decided to kind of put my own spin on it. Since I didn’t have any brie cheese ( nor have I ever tried it ) and I didn’t really have a pita to make pizza, I decided on a wrap!

whole wheat wrap w/ laughing cow cheese, apple & raisins toasted ! yum,yum,yum!

a side of carrots & hummus and the rest of the apple

I seriously cannot wait until I make another one of these again! :)

Supper :


a simple supper of

mixed veggies & quinoa ( prepackaged.. review for a later post ) and a egg scramble w/ broc

again, simple yet delicious. ( theme of a college kid’s food, eh? )

Desert was simple frozen fruit


I literally haven’t taken any other photos beside food photos in awhile so, I have nothing depicting what I have been doing.

I do have a photo of last nights dinner, which was fab and another new concotion for me!


half a rather large sweet p ( topped with marg & sugar free syrup ) , half a can of tuna mixed w/ half a laughing cow wedge , carrots & hummus .

First time having a nuked sweet p – it was fab! Probably could have had it with ketchup, but I was having a sweet day yesterday!

That’s all I have for today, I did go for a run..but it was nothing epic so not really worth going into any sort of detail

Goodnight people!

– Jenn

welcome to my place

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Hey guys, I know I took a few days off from blogging but, it truely was needed. The last part of my week was hard, I’m really missing home right now and it’s taken a toll on my mood. I’m feeling better today, thanks to yoga. But I will get to that later!

Firstly, how about some pictures of my apartment, like a promised about a week ago?


slightly blurry, this is what you see when you walk in the door


first half of my kitchen, my appliances leave me with little counter room!


otherhalf, obviously


living room , with the only one couch as furniture


the other side of my “living room” dining table with photos of my pets and my friends


my bedroom, sense a horse theme? haha


the other side of my room :)

I was going to post a picture of my bathroom, but I decided since it is UNBELIEVEABLY tiny and not very pretty, I would spare you guys :P Onto some food?


I have no idea what is up with my appetite. I’m not sure if it is because I’m down, or if it is because I’m not getting much sleep and probably doing too much but it has been crazy! I’ve had major carb cravings most of the time and I hardly crave veggies. I’ve also had really bad headaches and nausea. It’s weird because I’m not really hungry but I need the food because it relieves the pain a bit. Anyway, I haven’t really captured much food, but here is what I got.


very unattractive overnight oats topped with warm apple & cinnamon & pb blob

100_7947 100_7946

typical  yogurt messes, sometimes with pumpkin sometimes not.


I’ve been loving the egg white & egg puffs <3




So… I don’t have a frying pan at my apartment which means that I must make stir fry in a big metal pot and


and blueberry pancakes in a teeny, tiny fry pan. You can’t tell from this picture but that pan is about the size of my hand, maybe a little bigger. It was extremely difficult to make these cakes’. Totally worth it though!



AMAZING. Seriously, I am in love with these pancakes. I don’t even remember the last time I had pancakes this good! I made them a la Kath. They were a little mushy, but I like them that way , so it’s ok :) It’s probably due to my small pan that they turned out that way! And I have leftovers, yay!


today’s lunch was amazing too. This was post amaze yoga session ( which I will talk about below! ) and was exactly what I was craving. Classic green monster, just banana,vanilla yogurt, ice, unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and spinach alongside a eggwhite puff w/ pepper & ketchup. yummy!


So, since I last posted on Tuesday I don’t exactly remember all the exercise I have gotten since then. As far as I remember I did

20 minute strength session ( free weights ) on Wednesday, with 20min yoga vid

50 minute walk on Thursday, to the grocery store and back, carrying heavy bag of groceries on the way back.

70 minute walk on Friday, just around the city

40 minute run Saturday and walking atleast10km around the city w/my friends

btw, that run SUCKED. I had a hard time breathing, tight chest, etc the whole time. Put a little dent in my love affair with running ;)

1 hour yoga class & 25min walk there and back from Lululemon store.

So, the lululemon store in my area offers a FREE one hour yoga class to the public, in store every Sunday morning. I convinced one of my friends to go with me, I was kind of nervous because I have only ever done yoga videos in the privacy of my own home – never had an instructor before. Like I said previously in this post- it was so awesome! It was a pretty slow flow class, a lot of focus on breathing, which was okay because thats what I needed after a long hard, stressful week! I felt so good afterwards and cannot wait to go back next Sunday!

Besides the exercise posted above, I’m doing sooo much walking! Between every class during school I usually walk back accross the road to my apartment, because I don’t feel like sitting around in the classroom :p So yes, ever since I came back from yoga, besides doing a few chores around my apartment, all I have done is study ( got ahead in my classes! ) and sit on the couch. And it has been lovely :)

Alright, I’ve run out of words today.. I feel caught up now so I will leave you with a vintage picture of me and my pony! I was about 5, all dressed up for a show!


Have a good one guys ! :)

– Jenn

my love affair with running

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Hey all! Sorry for no post yesterday, I wasn’t feeling good later in the day because of some stuff that happened with a friend at another uni. No worries , I’m here now. Not for long though, I had my first day of school today and we already have some studying to do! I don’t think I have mentioned it before but I am attending a two year full time college program to become a registered massage therapist :) It is a pretty intense program, which worries me but, I’m excited for the challenge. Bring it on! I’ll start with some food


breakfast pre cereal :


plain yogurt

raisins, choc chips, dried pineapple, almonds

chunky pb


post cereal :

multigrain cheerios

cinnamon mini wheats


A little blurry – I apologize. All mixed up :)


Green Monstahh Lunch, the usual mix of yummyness


snack of a peach, almonds, honey roasted peanuts & dried pineapple


dinner of

egg white puff w/ broc

half a sandwich thin w/ half a Laughing Cow & blueberry jam


Breakfast Cookie!

– 1/3 cup mix of quick oats & steel cut oats

– half a mashed nana

– almonds,raisins, choc chips

-tsp pb

overnight in the fridge it went!

in the morning I added

the other half of the naner, frozen

sugar free syrup

YUMM! I love them :)


$$$$ Shot ;)


Wrap for lunch!

whole wheat wrap



hummus & half a Laughing Cow


Apple for dessert :)

And thats all I’ve got for food for the last two days! No, that is definitely not all I have eaten, just the stuff I managed to photograph!


Fitness time!

Yesterday I did 10minutes of strength training consisting of moves with 5 pound weights and some ab work. Have I ever mentioned I hate  strength training? I then did a 30 minutes yoga video :) It was glorious! I hadn’t done yoga in about a week and a half and I was pretty tight! Felt so good :)

Today I realized I am having a love affair with running :) I went for a wonderful 40minutes run all around the city after school today. It went by so fast, I wasn’t even tired! I kept running the block near the stable in the city, just to smell the horses! I miss mine so much :(

Yesterday I also walked ATLEAST 10k, I first went and took photos in the public garden ( photos below ) I walked around there for about an hour. Then I went and met my friends at their uni, which was quite the trek! I went swimming twice yesterday aswell, and once today. Plus walking up eight flights of stairs twice today, I decided to skip the elevators ;)



Here are some of my favorite shots I took yesterday – I love when my camera actually cooperates and takes good photos! :)








haha btw, I LOVE Skype – it’s actually amazing. Those are my friends at uni, Corry is rocking is chemistry lab goggles ;)

That’s all for now!



the return of foodie photos

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What’s this? Posting two days in a row? Pretty much unheard of,eh? ( Yes, I’m a Canadian who says eh? :) ) I had a pretty good day today, I managed to get all my boxes unpacked and organized. I also did a deep clean of the apartment, the floor was disgusting! It took me at least forty minutes to mop the floor. Anyways, I actually have food photos for you guys today! None of breakfast, since my parents didn’t leave till ten or so.

Pre lunch I went for my first run my new city! I have to say, I haven’t had a run that good since I started running again! I think it was because all the scenery was new and I could go where ever I wanted.I ran for about thirty minutes, then came back to my building and ran up the eight flights of stairs to get to my apartment. It was amazing!

After taking a cold shower I made this sweet thing


In this baby there was

– ice

– a small organic banana

– pumpkin ( about 1/3 cup )

– vanilla yogurt

– a big handful of spinach

– almond milk

blend it upp!


I bought a new blender yesterday, it kind of sucks. It takes twice as long to blend my smoothie. My ten year old blender at home would blend it up in 30seconds or less, this one takes atleast two minutes and I have to stop and mix things around with a spoon. Ah well, life goes on!

The run revved up my appetite so, of course I had dessert!


two squares of this <3


alongside a mini apple & some multigrain pretzels

I’ve been working on bookmarking all the blogs I read on googlechrome, since I have been liking it more than Internet Explorer lately. So after I got all that done I worked on unpacking and organizing my room. Which looked like this :


I’ll be taking pictures of my newly organized space tomorrow, for you all to see :)

I also did boring chores like mopping,sweeping, cleaning the pig ( Noel, my guinea pig. She will be referred to as the pig on the blog ) and cleaning the bathroom. By the time I finished it was 3:15, and I wanted a snack!


enter blubes,yogurt & granola

post snack I went out on foot for a long walk around the city. I windowshopped ( at Lulu! ) and checked out where there were bike lanes and where there weren’t. I’m really hesitant about riding my bike in the city, but it is the fastest way to get to the residence at the uni where some of my friends are :) I walked about 40minutes, it was the perfect weather today! Nice and breezy.

Back at my apartment I just chilled on my bed forawhile, waiting around to start supper. I haven’t cooked for myself in god knows how long. So I figured, why not bring out a new-to-me food?



My meal was super simple, I didn’t realize that quinoa was that simple to cook! My supper came in layers


Layer one  : spinach & hummus


Layer two : red quinoa


Layer three : salmon,marinated in sugar free syrup


yep, its probably not good for me. But, do I care? Nope!


The finished product, with added ketchup


Yummm. The verdict about the quinoa? Amazing! I loved it, I’m glad I have leftovers :)

After supper I went for a swim, washed dishes & went for a quick walk around the block before dark. I’m very restless today,  probably because it is my first night alone in my apartment. Since eight oclock I’ve been on the couch with the pig


watching the pretty colors over the harbour


and eating a snack of course!


a peach with half a whole grain sandwich thin topped with pb & blueberry jam

And that’s all I’ve got for today! I’m just finishing watching big brother, then perhaps going to bed? I’m exhausted !

Bye for now,

Jenn :)

I’m still alive!

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In case anyone was wondering, no I haven’t died! haha I know I haven’t  commentedon hardly any blogs or put up any posts recently. For the last week, as I previously mentioned, I have been saying goodbyeto all my friends, packing up everything I need and, yesterday, I moved into my apartment three hours away from my home.So far I love my apartment, it’s the perfect size for me and I think I’ll like living in the city, for awhile anyway! The only problem right now is that there is no air conditioning! The province is experiencing a heatwave right now , plus hurricane Earl “hit” today so the weather as been not so great. I’m still unpacking, obviously, and my apartment is a mess! I promise to post some pictures once I get everything neat and tidy :) Thats enough talk, here are some pictures!

Before I left :


I  went to the beach




I went to my camp with my friends ( and acted like the goofball I am )





said goodbye to the majority of my precious animals :(


except this one! :) My guinea pig, Noel, is with me at my apartment!


and said goodbye to the place I called home for the last 17years…

I’m not going to lie, saying goodbye to my horses , dog and my friends was the hardest. Even thinking about it now makes me sad. So, on to blog things! I’m going to be doing some renovations on the blog. I have a new theme picked out, plans for a recipe page and a revamp of the about me page. I’m also going to be documenting a lot more of my food, now that I will be making all of my meals myself and will not have to hide the fact that I take photos of my food! So expect some changes. I’m also going to try to comment on more blogs, to try to gain some new readers, I’m hoping since I no longer have horses I can concentrate more on the blog, fitness and healthy living! But, of course my college comes first!

Well, I better head to bed now

bye for now,


so you want a smoothie like mine ?

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Here is what you need

– half a banana & a couple strawbs

– approx. half cup of pumpkin & tsp. cinnamon

– tsp cocoa powder

– large handful of spinach

– a few chopped ice cubes

– chocolate almond breeze – how much depends on how thick you want it

After a good blend in the blender you get :

Carrots & hummus serve as a good side. :)

That’s all for now ,

– Jenn

my week in pictures & captions

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spent most of last week with this little lady, at a clinic :)

the barn that hosted the clinic. I wish I lived here!

I helped prepare " Food Factor" for other kids at the clinic. It was nasty

the only half decent photo I have of myself riding. My mother does NOT take good photos ;)

the next night I went camping :)

waaaay back in the woods, by a beautiful river :)

played washers at..

my grandfathers 75th birthday! :)

That’s all I’ve got for now! More than likely the next post will be similar to this one, I’m extremely busy packing and such. I just noticed there is not one food picture here! I have some, I just don’t have time to upload them right now. I feel bad the blog is on the back burner right now but, life comes first :)

See you when I see you!

 – Jenn

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