That right there is Lucy, one of my three adorable horses that I am so blessed to have. Some kids read books all day, some play sports, some play musical insturments. I’ve have done all of the above but, no question, riding, taking care of horses and teaching riding lessons are my passion. I’ve had horses my entire life and probably ( hopefully) will until I die. It may sounds cliche, or ridiculous but, they’ve always been a part of my life, they are my best friends and will be featured on the blog quite often so, I figured you should be introduced.

Meet Pearl. Pearl is the sweetest, kindest horse who does everything she possibly can to please you. My mother saved her from a slaughterhouse(!!!) when she was 3, I was one. I’ve grown up  with this horse, and she is so amazing. She is the horse I use most for my riding lessons, and everyone loves her :)

Next up, Jessie. Also known as Squirt because she is a tiny, stubborn as hell, spunky pony. I’ve had her since I was four and yes, I still ride her. She is so adorable but can be such a butthead sometimes. I still love her :)

And Lucy, of course. We bought Luce when she was just a skinny, shy, skittish two year old. She’s now a happy, healthy, loving but sassy five year old! It’s like I am watching my own child grow up, I’ve gone through a lot with this horse and have a crazy good bond with her. She’s got such a mareish personality that I adore.

And that, is a little intro to my horses. I could ramble on and on forever about them, I hope I didn’t bore you!


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  1. I am the same way with my horse! I want to talk about her and the dog pretty much non-stop! I swear I am the obnoxious mom who meets someone and is like “wanna see pics of my kids” ahhh well my babies are adorable so they’re tots worth the glance! Yours are too! Gotta say your little squirt stole my <3 he reminds me of my first pony (flurry)

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