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pancakes remind me of my childhood. Every Saturday, my grandparents that live an hour away from us would come down to visit. They would spoil us, like grandparents are meant to do. On Sundays, my grandfather would always make me and my brother pancakes, as many as we wanted. Watching cartoons was necessary aswell. Now when I eat pancakes, I think of those Sundays. And it makes these pancakes that much better.

Of course back then, my pancakes weren’t made of pumpkin and whole wheat flour, nor would I think of eating something healthy like a banana with them. I wish I could say that I was brilliant enough to come up with a pancake recipe that was this delicious. To be honest, I’m a failure at creating recipes. It’s no big deal really, I don’t mind, considering I have a million and one blogger recipes bookmarked to make.

So, for now, while I try to organize the blog, go here and make these pancakes . Seriously, they are amazing.



pancake heaven.


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