winter is here

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Hello (:

When I woke up today the weatherman said it was –19 degrees C out. Holy cold. I’m pretty sure that is our coldest morning yet, which actually is above normal for where I live. One good thing about global warming? I was going to switch up breakfast this morning,but I decided I wanted the same thing I had yesterday. I will spare you the recycled photo. Breakfast was followed by getting ready for school for 8am. I am still not sure why I get up at 6:30 when I literally live right across the street from my school.

* insert a morning lecture & massage class here *

Home for lunch. I find that I haven’t really been craving salads lately. Maybe it’s the –19 degree weather? However today, I wanted salad. It kind of lacked in the veggie department though…


My salad consisted of spinach, hummus blob, less than 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, trail mix and tuna


ugly and lame, but delicious.

Followed the salad with an apple and a muffin


a pumpkin muffin to be specific. Sarah’s pumpkin muffins to be even more specific!

* insert afternoon lecture here*

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run today, because it was so cold. However, for some crazy reason the weather tomorrow is supposed to be rain. From –19 to rain in 24hours? Typical NS weather. So, I bundled up


And did 5k in about 29mins…with traffic lights. They really annoy me, I hate stopping my running groove to wait for traffic lights!


Post run snack of a green monster! …Alongside my crazy spoon ;) haha

The GM contained a banana, vanilla yogurt, pumpkin, spinach and soymilk. multigrain cheerios on top!


up close and personal.

* insert an hour of studying and 30mins of yoga here*


Oh god. SO awful, isn’t it?

sweet& sour tofu w/ baked sweet potato topped with cinnamon.

That was followed by apartment cleaning, shower, studying and some snacking. Now I am watching a rerun (again!) of Glee. Is anyone else sick of reruns and cannot wait for when the show comes out with new episodes on february 6th?!

Have a good night! (:


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