the weekend

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This weekend was about as low key as a weekend can get. The most exciting thing was probably riding the city bus alone for the first time. Lame, eh? I have a weird fear of city buses. Even school buses when I was a kid, I was always so paranoid that the bus driver would miss my stop and I would never be able to get back home. :p


pig had her first bath, ever! [ Her name is Noel, however I always refer to her as pig ;) ] Isn’t she adorable?!

I also went grocery shopping. I only meant to get a few items but, I seem to have a problem with buying “ just a few items” at the grocery store. It’s a bad habit!



– silk soymilk                                               – baby spinach

– broccoli                                                     – trail mix

– baby carrots                                          – multigrain cheerios

– bananas                                                  – sweet potato


– cherry sauce ( for tofu )                          – unsweetened apple peach applesauce

– swiss cheese slices                                   – toothpaste

– yogurt                                                      – pumpkin

– blueberry green tea

Yes, I realize that processed cheese slices and sugar free yogurt aren’t  exactly the best food choices. However, I cannot afford greek yogurt ( as much as i’d like to be able to ) and for some odd reason I was craving cheese slices. So, I went with it, and have no guilt :)

This morning I went to a 10:30am yoga class @ Lululemon. I love that lululemon offers free yoga 2x a week for the public. I have really been getting into yoga lately, and having the option of these classes keeps me from getting bored of online classes. I also went on a 4 mile run, which was good…after I finished. It was tough, and I really need new running shoes :/

The rest of my weekend consisted of walks, studying like crazy and skyping. I love Skype. Makes keeping in contact with friends and family so much easier.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a short post, how I make a yogurt mess ;)


i miss my dog!

have a goodnight :)


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