ten reasons why i love home

December 17, 2010 at 1:09 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

1. I get to be with three amazing horses waiting for me! Whom I haven’t see in five weeks.


lucy circa 2008! :)


Pearl, last year :)


and Jessie ;) the cutest.

2. It is not required that I wake up at the hour of 6:30 every morning. This also means I get to stay up past ten oclock without suffering the consequences the next day. That is something to be thankful for!

3. Did I mention my two gorgeous dogs?


Rosie, last year :)


And Sasha !

4. The fact that when I go running or walking I don’t have to inhale second hand smoke half the run/walk. It drives me INSANE how many people smoke in this city. And I feel like i’m the one smoking, I’m around it more than i’d like to be!

5. The fact that there is snow in my hometown, something Halifax has deprived me of so far!


This is last year, in my backyard. This is one of the few reasons I love winter.

6. When I go out for a run or walk at home, with my dogs I always see people I know :) And I love that about my small town! I like knowing people and smiling that them. It’s the simple things really.

7. I get to see my friends! <3



makes me miss summer!

8. my family <3


tall guy on the left : not my fam ;) he  was my date!

9. Christmas is my favorite time of year. Having my whole family in the same room on Christmas Eve is priceless to me!

10. I’m not meant to live in the city. That’s something I realized.I belong in my hometown, with everyone I love. And as much as I used to say I hated my hometown because it was small, there was nothing there,etc. I miss it like crazy.

And there are ten reasons I am extremely excited to go home tomorrow! Won’t you be glad when I finally get home so I will stop talking about going home? hah

I’ll try to post sometime this weekend, no promises!

I’ll see you when I see you :) 


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