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hello all!


I never did master the art of taking self portraits, hence the giant camera in the corner.

How about an update on the flood over here?! It rained from friday afternoon till sunday at noon..straight! But, back home it has been 10x worse. Apparently there has been over 200mm of rain that has fallen and there are a ton of flooded roads, people have been asked to evacuate, etc. It kind of baffles me, considering it was totally unexpected! Anyways… enough about that, how about food?


These, my friends are Mama Pea’s Pumpkin Spice Roasted Chickpeas. And, if you haven’t made these before do it STAT. Seriously, these are amazing. <3 They made an excellent addition to my salad


YUM. I had the exact same salad for yesterday’s supper & today’s lunch. I also made another recipe from another blogger but, that will have to wait till tomorrows post as I want to feature it as a breakfast photo :) Those are actually the only two photos of food I have taken… I didn’t take any photos yesterday because NOTHING was exciting. All I did was go for a run ( an managed to trip over my shoelaces and fell in the middle of the sidewalk. Both knees are now scraped and slightly swollen ) and walk to the grocery store.

All of a sudden I totally went blank and have NOTHING to write about… weird. I DO however, have a pretty good post outlined in my mind for tomorrow (: so, if you don’t mind I’ll just post some pictures to end this ridiculously short post.








I was browsing through old photos( like the one above) and I found this precious thing


is she not adorable? This was the first winter we had her, 2008. She was just a two year old. I feel like a mother, watching a kid grow up. For Lucy to go from the above, a scrawny,baby faced two year old to this :


A stunning, matured , perfect little horse <3

I apologize for gushing so much, I just miss her like crazy and cannot wait to see her :)

Sorry for the lame post, that’s all I’ve got!

Night :)


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