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Hey guys, I’ve got about half an hour before I need to crash. Don’t all college kids go to bed at 10pm or before? haha I need to get up at 6:30am every weekday morning, to be sure I have enough time to get ready for class. It sucks, to say the least but atleast I’m done by 2:30 almost everyday :)

Now… onto my eats for the day!



yummm, yogurt mess. I will be honest, the majority of the mornings I wake up, I want a yogurt mess. More often than not, I force myself to change it up for breakfast, just for the sake of variety! In this mess there was :

vanilla yogurt, a banana, pb, raisins, almonds and topped with multigrain cheerios

simple yet delicious.

Lunch :




I’’ve seen this beauty on Meghann’s blog. And I decided to kind of put my own spin on it. Since I didn’t have any brie cheese ( nor have I ever tried it ) and I didn’t really have a pita to make pizza, I decided on a wrap!

whole wheat wrap w/ laughing cow cheese, apple & raisins toasted ! yum,yum,yum!

a side of carrots & hummus and the rest of the apple

I seriously cannot wait until I make another one of these again! :)

Supper :


a simple supper of

mixed veggies & quinoa ( prepackaged.. review for a later post ) and a egg scramble w/ broc

again, simple yet delicious. ( theme of a college kid’s food, eh? )

Desert was simple frozen fruit


I literally haven’t taken any other photos beside food photos in awhile so, I have nothing depicting what I have been doing.

I do have a photo of last nights dinner, which was fab and another new concotion for me!


half a rather large sweet p ( topped with marg & sugar free syrup ) , half a can of tuna mixed w/ half a laughing cow wedge , carrots & hummus .

First time having a nuked sweet p – it was fab! Probably could have had it with ketchup, but I was having a sweet day yesterday!

That’s all I have for today, I did go for a run..but it was nothing epic so not really worth going into any sort of detail

Goodnight people!

– Jenn


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