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September 12, 2010 at 8:07 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Hey guys, I know I took a few days off from blogging but, it truely was needed. The last part of my week was hard, I’m really missing home right now and it’s taken a toll on my mood. I’m feeling better today, thanks to yoga. But I will get to that later!

Firstly, how about some pictures of my apartment, like a promised about a week ago?


slightly blurry, this is what you see when you walk in the door


first half of my kitchen, my appliances leave me with little counter room!


otherhalf, obviously


living room , with the only one couch as furniture


the other side of my “living room” dining table with photos of my pets and my friends


my bedroom, sense a horse theme? haha


the other side of my room :)

I was going to post a picture of my bathroom, but I decided since it is UNBELIEVEABLY tiny and not very pretty, I would spare you guys :P Onto some food?


I have no idea what is up with my appetite. I’m not sure if it is because I’m down, or if it is because I’m not getting much sleep and probably doing too much but it has been crazy! I’ve had major carb cravings most of the time and I hardly crave veggies. I’ve also had really bad headaches and nausea. It’s weird because I’m not really hungry but I need the food because it relieves the pain a bit. Anyway, I haven’t really captured much food, but here is what I got.


very unattractive overnight oats topped with warm apple & cinnamon & pb blob

100_7947 100_7946

typical  yogurt messes, sometimes with pumpkin sometimes not.


I’ve been loving the egg white & egg puffs <3




So… I don’t have a frying pan at my apartment which means that I must make stir fry in a big metal pot and


and blueberry pancakes in a teeny, tiny fry pan. You can’t tell from this picture but that pan is about the size of my hand, maybe a little bigger. It was extremely difficult to make these cakes’. Totally worth it though!



AMAZING. Seriously, I am in love with these pancakes. I don’t even remember the last time I had pancakes this good! I made them a la Kath. They were a little mushy, but I like them that way , so it’s ok :) It’s probably due to my small pan that they turned out that way! And I have leftovers, yay!


today’s lunch was amazing too. This was post amaze yoga session ( which I will talk about below! ) and was exactly what I was craving. Classic green monster, just banana,vanilla yogurt, ice, unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and spinach alongside a eggwhite puff w/ pepper & ketchup. yummy!


So, since I last posted on Tuesday I don’t exactly remember all the exercise I have gotten since then. As far as I remember I did

20 minute strength session ( free weights ) on Wednesday, with 20min yoga vid

50 minute walk on Thursday, to the grocery store and back, carrying heavy bag of groceries on the way back.

70 minute walk on Friday, just around the city

40 minute run Saturday and walking atleast10km around the city w/my friends

btw, that run SUCKED. I had a hard time breathing, tight chest, etc the whole time. Put a little dent in my love affair with running ;)

1 hour yoga class & 25min walk there and back from Lululemon store.

So, the lululemon store in my area offers a FREE one hour yoga class to the public, in store every Sunday morning. I convinced one of my friends to go with me, I was kind of nervous because I have only ever done yoga videos in the privacy of my own home – never had an instructor before. Like I said previously in this post- it was so awesome! It was a pretty slow flow class, a lot of focus on breathing, which was okay because thats what I needed after a long hard, stressful week! I felt so good afterwards and cannot wait to go back next Sunday!

Besides the exercise posted above, I’m doing sooo much walking! Between every class during school I usually walk back accross the road to my apartment, because I don’t feel like sitting around in the classroom :p So yes, ever since I came back from yoga, besides doing a few chores around my apartment, all I have done is study ( got ahead in my classes! ) and sit on the couch. And it has been lovely :)

Alright, I’ve run out of words today.. I feel caught up now so I will leave you with a vintage picture of me and my pony! I was about 5, all dressed up for a show!


Have a good one guys ! :)

– Jenn



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  1. your apartment is so cute!! makes me want to hurry up and get my own place :P sorry you’ve been feeling down about being away from home and friends, family, and pets – i know how that goes :\ you will see them soon i am sure – until then, try to enjoy your time and experience here. i bet you’ve learned a lot from it already!

    • thanks :) I do love my apartment, it’s perfect for me. I really have learned alot , I love the course! I’m counting down the days till I get to go home ;)

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