my love affair with running

September 7, 2010 at 10:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Hey all! Sorry for no post yesterday, I wasn’t feeling good later in the day because of some stuff that happened with a friend at another uni. No worries , I’m here now. Not for long though, I had my first day of school today and we already have some studying to do! I don’t think I have mentioned it before but I am attending a two year full time college program to become a registered massage therapist :) It is a pretty intense program, which worries me but, I’m excited for the challenge. Bring it on! I’ll start with some food


breakfast pre cereal :


plain yogurt

raisins, choc chips, dried pineapple, almonds

chunky pb


post cereal :

multigrain cheerios

cinnamon mini wheats


A little blurry – I apologize. All mixed up :)


Green Monstahh Lunch, the usual mix of yummyness


snack of a peach, almonds, honey roasted peanuts & dried pineapple


dinner of

egg white puff w/ broc

half a sandwich thin w/ half a Laughing Cow & blueberry jam


Breakfast Cookie!

– 1/3 cup mix of quick oats & steel cut oats

– half a mashed nana

– almonds,raisins, choc chips

-tsp pb

overnight in the fridge it went!

in the morning I added

the other half of the naner, frozen

sugar free syrup

YUMM! I love them :)


$$$$ Shot ;)


Wrap for lunch!

whole wheat wrap



hummus & half a Laughing Cow


Apple for dessert :)

And thats all I’ve got for food for the last two days! No, that is definitely not all I have eaten, just the stuff I managed to photograph!


Fitness time!

Yesterday I did 10minutes of strength training consisting of moves with 5 pound weights and some ab work. Have I ever mentioned I hate  strength training? I then did a 30 minutes yoga video :) It was glorious! I hadn’t done yoga in about a week and a half and I was pretty tight! Felt so good :)

Today I realized I am having a love affair with running :) I went for a wonderful 40minutes run all around the city after school today. It went by so fast, I wasn’t even tired! I kept running the block near the stable in the city, just to smell the horses! I miss mine so much :(

Yesterday I also walked ATLEAST 10k, I first went and took photos in the public garden ( photos below ) I walked around there for about an hour. Then I went and met my friends at their uni, which was quite the trek! I went swimming twice yesterday aswell, and once today. Plus walking up eight flights of stairs twice today, I decided to skip the elevators ;)



Here are some of my favorite shots I took yesterday – I love when my camera actually cooperates and takes good photos! :)








haha btw, I LOVE Skype – it’s actually amazing. Those are my friends at uni, Corry is rocking is chemistry lab goggles ;)

That’s all for now!





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  1. your uni sounds like a great experience. i bet you’re learning a lot!
    your cereals and green monster is reaaally making me want some shredded wheat right now! haha. and i love the photos, too. the black and white of the bbuilding is really nice!

  2. breakfast looks fantastic…. great creations.

    I just found your blog! I love cheerios

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