the return of foodie photos

September 6, 2010 at 12:53 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

What’s this? Posting two days in a row? Pretty much unheard of,eh? ( Yes, I’m a Canadian who says eh? :) ) I had a pretty good day today, I managed to get all my boxes unpacked and organized. I also did a deep clean of the apartment, the floor was disgusting! It took me at least forty minutes to mop the floor. Anyways, I actually have food photos for you guys today! None of breakfast, since my parents didn’t leave till ten or so.

Pre lunch I went for my first run my new city! I have to say, I haven’t had a run that good since I started running again! I think it was because all the scenery was new and I could go where ever I wanted.I ran for about thirty minutes, then came back to my building and ran up the eight flights of stairs to get to my apartment. It was amazing!

After taking a cold shower I made this sweet thing


In this baby there was

– ice

– a small organic banana

– pumpkin ( about 1/3 cup )

– vanilla yogurt

– a big handful of spinach

– almond milk

blend it upp!


I bought a new blender yesterday, it kind of sucks. It takes twice as long to blend my smoothie. My ten year old blender at home would blend it up in 30seconds or less, this one takes atleast two minutes and I have to stop and mix things around with a spoon. Ah well, life goes on!

The run revved up my appetite so, of course I had dessert!


two squares of this <3


alongside a mini apple & some multigrain pretzels

I’ve been working on bookmarking all the blogs I read on googlechrome, since I have been liking it more than Internet Explorer lately. So after I got all that done I worked on unpacking and organizing my room. Which looked like this :


I’ll be taking pictures of my newly organized space tomorrow, for you all to see :)

I also did boring chores like mopping,sweeping, cleaning the pig ( Noel, my guinea pig. She will be referred to as the pig on the blog ) and cleaning the bathroom. By the time I finished it was 3:15, and I wanted a snack!


enter blubes,yogurt & granola

post snack I went out on foot for a long walk around the city. I windowshopped ( at Lulu! ) and checked out where there were bike lanes and where there weren’t. I’m really hesitant about riding my bike in the city, but it is the fastest way to get to the residence at the uni where some of my friends are :) I walked about 40minutes, it was the perfect weather today! Nice and breezy.

Back at my apartment I just chilled on my bed forawhile, waiting around to start supper. I haven’t cooked for myself in god knows how long. So I figured, why not bring out a new-to-me food?



My meal was super simple, I didn’t realize that quinoa was that simple to cook! My supper came in layers


Layer one  : spinach & hummus


Layer two : red quinoa


Layer three : salmon,marinated in sugar free syrup


yep, its probably not good for me. But, do I care? Nope!


The finished product, with added ketchup


Yummm. The verdict about the quinoa? Amazing! I loved it, I’m glad I have leftovers :)

After supper I went for a swim, washed dishes & went for a quick walk around the block before dark. I’m very restless today,  probably because it is my first night alone in my apartment. Since eight oclock I’ve been on the couch with the pig


watching the pretty colors over the harbour


and eating a snack of course!


a peach with half a whole grain sandwich thin topped with pb & blueberry jam

And that’s all I’ve got for today! I’m just finishing watching big brother, then perhaps going to bed? I’m exhausted !

Bye for now,

Jenn :)



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  1. My ancient blender at home that is literally probably as old as I am is amazing, and I got a new blender when I was away at school and it was terrible. I think old appliances were just made better!

  2. Awwe Noel’s a cutie! I’ve always wanted a guinea pig but always had to settle for hamsters. I guess I could get one now so my cat could have a friend? :P Is red quinoa any different than the light colored stuff? It kinda makes me think of brown vs. white rice but I don’t think light quinoa’s been stripped of anything so I’m just wondering.

    • I love my guinea pig :) When I lived at home my cat actually got along really well with the pig :) As for your quinoa question – as far as I know light colored vs. red is no difference, just the color! But,i’m no expert thats for sure! Google it ;)

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