I’m still alive!

September 5, 2010 at 12:49 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

In case anyone was wondering, no I haven’t died! haha I know I haven’t  commentedon hardly any blogs or put up any posts recently. For the last week, as I previously mentioned, I have been saying goodbyeto all my friends, packing up everything I need and, yesterday, I moved into my apartment three hours away from my home.So far I love my apartment, it’s the perfect size for me and I think I’ll like living in the city, for awhile anyway! The only problem right now is that there is no air conditioning! The province is experiencing a heatwave right now , plus hurricane Earl “hit” today so the weather as been not so great. I’m still unpacking, obviously, and my apartment is a mess! I promise to post some pictures once I get everything neat and tidy :) Thats enough talk, here are some pictures!

Before I left :


I  went to the beach




I went to my camp with my friends ( and acted like the goofball I am )





said goodbye to the majority of my precious animals :(


except this one! :) My guinea pig, Noel, is with me at my apartment!


and said goodbye to the place I called home for the last 17years…

I’m not going to lie, saying goodbye to my horses , dog and my friends was the hardest. Even thinking about it now makes me sad. So, on to blog things! I’m going to be doing some renovations on the blog. I have a new theme picked out, plans for a recipe page and a revamp of the about me page. I’m also going to be documenting a lot more of my food, now that I will be making all of my meals myself and will not have to hide the fact that I take photos of my food! So expect some changes. I’m also going to try to comment on more blogs, to try to gain some new readers, I’m hoping since I no longer have horses I can concentrate more on the blog, fitness and healthy living! But, of course my college comes first!

Well, I better head to bed now

bye for now,




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  1. Glad you’re settling in okay – the apartment sounds great. I can’t wait to see your new little nook! Your dog is absolutely gorgeous, btw…and I can relate 100% to hating having to say goodbye to furry friends more than human friends :( You will see them all again soon, I am sure!

    • haha thanks! I love my dog so much, she’s such a sweetie! Glad to know I’m not the only one out there who is attached to their animals!

  2. Awwe, moving’s never fun..but three hours away isn’t so bad :) That’s even still weekend-trip-doable. At least for the first year, then you’ll require at least a three day weekend to make the trip :P At least that’s how it was for me when first moving off to school.

    Hope you’re all settled in!

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m hoping to get home every once and awhile :)

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