packing up seventeen years…

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This post won’t contain any pictures or anything, it’s basically just a post full of my thoughts and plans. Probably more for my benefit than yours, I apologize.

In three weeks, I will be moved into an apartment, three hours away from my home, my family , my horses. I’ll will live an hour away from my two very best friends, with only a couple of my friends living in the same city. I’ll be surrounded by concrete, thousands of people and no comforts of home. I’ll be starting college for massage therapy, going in with no friends at the school. All this , honestly scares the sh!t out of me.

However, I have feelings of excitement regarding the move. I’ll be freed from my parents house, with the advantages of living on my own. I get to buy my own food, play whatever music I want, pretty much do whatever I want ( within reason, I do have a head on my shoulders ;) ) I’ll be living in a city filled with new to me restaurants, food & clothing shops and new fitness opportunities. There is a farmers market nearby my apartments, tons of places to go running, etc. All of these things make me excited to move.

The hardest part for me will be leaving my horses behind. I know it sounds crazy. ” Your going to miss your horses more than your family? ” The answer is yes. For reasons I cannot explain in words, my horses are the reason I remained sane the last seventeen years. Thats not to say my family is not wonderful and loving. But, I digress…

These feelings just recently overwhelmed me, as I realized that I move in just three short weeks. This weekend I went and registered at my school, bought my ( $600 !! ) textbooks, saw my apartment and paid the first months rent, etc. Reality washed over me as I left the city today. It was a wake up call.

Needless to say, for the next three weeks , I will be blogging minimally. I’m going to live it up with my friends, ride my horses as much as possible and soak up the rest of my summer with my loving family.

 I fully intend to really amp up my blogging, recipes and such once I get all moved in. I’ll be free to cook what  I want and I want to have a place to express my feelings and thoughts, hopefully you’ll join me :)

If you actually read this post, I applaud you and appreciate it.

I’ll try to post once or twice a week.

 Thanks! :)

– Jenn


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