Busy Summer Days

July 24, 2010 at 8:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

sweaty mess!

Hello :)

I’m definitely not going to be able to do everyday posts, I’ve been meaning to blog for the last few days but have been really busy. I’ve actually been pretty good with photographing my food, I think I will post pictures of some food from the last couple days and then recap today with pictures of todays food & some horsey pictures perhaps? :)

Food :

apple w/ pb&strawberry cream cheese with pretzels &dates on the side

green smoothie in a bowl, as per usual :)

veggie dogs w/ broc & edamame in pasta sauce

breakfast cookie! :)

strawb & bloobs w/ vanilla yogurt and granola..storebought

green smoothie - pre blend :)

a not so healthy indulgence of mine ;) who cares?

Aaand that’s all I got fom the last few days, of course I ate more than that!

So, today has been pretty low key, I’ve spent the last couple days hanging out with my friends at my camp :

yep, thats my view from my cottage. <3

love <3

one last one, for good measure ;)

And I also went to the beach but just one photo from there :

i love the beach <3

fyi, Nova Scotia has crazy tide changes ;) Google it, I swear.

Anyways… today I woke up and whipped up this beauty

i'm so predictable...

– vanilla yogurt

-vanilla extract


– protein powder

– milk

and this cutie :

yes, i need my nails done.

Post breakfast I went and fed my girls before getting dressed for my bike ride. I still have not mastered the art of self portraits.

Pre ride :

yikes, my room is messy!


 Post ride :

Then I went for a nice bike ride, no idea how long it was, it took me about 40minutes..I love biking :) I grabbed a quick snack before heading out to the barn to ride the  pony :

isn't she adorable?

She was stubborn and lazy , as usual :) But I love her just the same! It was twelve by the time I finished I was hangry.Biking always revs up my appetite.

Lonchi :

egg w/ swiss cheese & ketchup, carrots & hummus and slightly burnt tortilla chips

I made the tortilla chips by taking a whole wheat tortilla  and burning toasting it for 4 minutes . Yummy! Onto dessert:

apple w/ pb&jam and a couple chocolate simple pleasure cookies

After lunch I cleaned up the house a bit, then I went out to ride these two gorgeous girls :

Pearl <3 a winter photo, obviously :)

Lucy :) what a cutie!

Why do pictures always turn out so much better in the winter? I have millions of horse photos from this winter, they are so much nicer than the ones without snow. Ah, anyways, I enjoyed my rides, it makes me think of how hard it will be to leave for college :(

Well, thats all I’ve got for now, I’m off to make supper!

Have a good one guys,




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  1. your girls are cuties! and it looks like you had an amazing “getaway”. So, so gorgeous at your cottage.

    • Thanks! I love my girls, and my cottage! :)

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