a full day of eats :)

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Helloooo :)

I hope everyone has had a great day :) I’ve had a really great day, and I finally managed to capture a full day of my eats. Photographing everything that goes in my mouth is a hard/weird habit to get in to :p Another blog related topic is that I’m trying to get into the habit of commenting on other people’s blogs , so as  to try to get more people to visit my blog. And anyone who visits , please feel more than welcome to comment! I adore comments :)

On to the fooood :

yogurt mess :)

this yummy thing contained :

– plain yogurt

– blueberries, 1/2 a banana

– two chopped dates, raisins, almonds & choc chips

– a tsp of pb

– some special k vanilla almond & a few mini wheats :)


Following breakfast I went outside and mucked out the girls, let them into the pasture and then did inside chores before I taught a lesson at 11. ( I teach riding lessons ) Post lesson I rode Lucy

shes so scruffy!

she's just chillen :)

Theses photos are from spring, which would explain her scruffyness :)

After a lovely ride I went in the house and put together this gorgeous lunch spread :

green monster w/ bloobs & snackplate!

snackplate contained carrots & veggie cream cheese spread and seven whole grain crackers :) I had an apple & pretzels for dessert.

After lunch I walked my pup then headed to my grandmothers house to mow the lawn. This was the first time I have ever mowed a lawn before, in my life. Wasn’t as hard as I thought :p I didnt get any pictures of my lovely mowing, my grandparents live on an old dairy farm, and I got some good pictures of the barns and such :)

this tree is HUGE, no justice done in this picture

<3 this place

After mowing I came home and made my supper, which was a veggie stir fry with some shrimp. So good! But i hate how salty soy sauce is :(

yummy sodium ?

And then I did dishes, because I’m such a good daughter ;) then I got to ride my little pony :

love her

She was stubborn & lazy , as per usual :) I put them to bed, showered and prepared myself a little snack

apple w/ pb & strawberry cream cheese, pretzels & couple of dates

And thats it! Gosh, it seems like it has taken a long time to write this! Ah well, I’m off to watch Wipeout – so funny! :)

– Jenn


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