Lazy Day

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Hello All :) ,

I have had quite a lazy day today, and it was so nice! I’ve been really busy all last week, I rode atleast twice a day, yoga 3x last week, weights 2x, biking 3x and I swam atleast twice a day to cool off from the crazy heat wave we had. So, needless to say, I think I deserved a day in which I did nothing. Which was today :)

So, I have a few food pictures on my camera and I have no idea when I ate them so I’ll just post em all up and describe them !

green monster :)

– banana

– spinach

– protein powder

– soymilk

– almonds

– strawberry mini wheats

Ridiculously yummy !

And another :

contains the same ingredients as the other :)

egg with broc and ketchup, with a side of carrots and hummus


applesauce,banana,raisins,choco chips,kashi go lean and mini wheats

Sorry for the unbelievably crappy photo!

carrots with ranch, whole wheat crackers & cheese

another green monster, can you tell I love them? ;)

My camera doesnt like non natural lighting, my photos have been really awful :( . Of course much, much more food was consumed over the last few days but thats all I captured!

Other things that happened in the past few days are :

riding this pretty lady :)

walking this beauty

getting my nails done by my bff :)

and toes!

and watching the best movie ever made, I swear :


( Source )

And besides swimming and riding and working at the barn, that is pretty much all I have done. It finally rained Saturday afternoon and has rained all day today.

And I now shall leave you, I have to watch Big Brother! :)

Have a good one,



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