winter is here

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Hello (:

When I woke up today the weatherman said it was –19 degrees C out. Holy cold. I’m pretty sure that is our coldest morning yet, which actually is above normal for where I live. One good thing about global warming? I was going to switch up breakfast this morning,but I decided I wanted the same thing I had yesterday. I will spare you the recycled photo. Breakfast was followed by getting ready for school for 8am. I am still not sure why I get up at 6:30 when I literally live right across the street from my school.

* insert a morning lecture & massage class here *

Home for lunch. I find that I haven’t really been craving salads lately. Maybe it’s the –19 degree weather? However today, I wanted salad. It kind of lacked in the veggie department though…


My salad consisted of spinach, hummus blob, less than 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, trail mix and tuna


ugly and lame, but delicious.

Followed the salad with an apple and a muffin


a pumpkin muffin to be specific. Sarah’s pumpkin muffins to be even more specific!

* insert afternoon lecture here*

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run today, because it was so cold. However, for some crazy reason the weather tomorrow is supposed to be rain. From –19 to rain in 24hours? Typical NS weather. So, I bundled up


And did 5k in about 29mins…with traffic lights. They really annoy me, I hate stopping my running groove to wait for traffic lights!


Post run snack of a green monster! …Alongside my crazy spoon ;) haha

The GM contained a banana, vanilla yogurt, pumpkin, spinach and soymilk. multigrain cheerios on top!


up close and personal.

* insert an hour of studying and 30mins of yoga here*


Oh god. SO awful, isn’t it?

sweet& sour tofu w/ baked sweet potato topped with cinnamon.

That was followed by apartment cleaning, shower, studying and some snacking. Now I am watching a rerun (again!) of Glee. Is anyone else sick of reruns and cannot wait for when the show comes out with new episodes on february 6th?!

Have a good night! (:


yogurt mess : deconstructed

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I woke up this morning, at the awful time of 6:30am to  the sunrise101_0565

and then I realized it was Monday. And it all went downhill from there… today sucked, to say the least. So I am going to spare you the details and just show you  my extremely layered breakfast – one of my favorites :)


base layer –  pumpkin w/ cinnamon , vanilla yogurt & ff cottage cheese


2nd layer – banana ( hot apples w/ cinnamon is amazing aswell! )


3rd layer – definitely the best layer ;) I go a little crazy with the toppings..

pb, chopped dates, trail mix, chia seeds, choco chips


4th layer – oatmeal & multigrain cheerios


Mix together, and enjoy :) While the final product doesn’t exactly look appetizing…I swear it is delicious.

That’s all I have for today.

Have a great night :)

the weekend

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This weekend was about as low key as a weekend can get. The most exciting thing was probably riding the city bus alone for the first time. Lame, eh? I have a weird fear of city buses. Even school buses when I was a kid, I was always so paranoid that the bus driver would miss my stop and I would never be able to get back home. :p


pig had her first bath, ever! [ Her name is Noel, however I always refer to her as pig ;) ] Isn’t she adorable?!

I also went grocery shopping. I only meant to get a few items but, I seem to have a problem with buying “ just a few items” at the grocery store. It’s a bad habit!



– silk soymilk                                               – baby spinach

– broccoli                                                     – trail mix

– baby carrots                                          – multigrain cheerios

– bananas                                                  – sweet potato


– cherry sauce ( for tofu )                          – unsweetened apple peach applesauce

– swiss cheese slices                                   – toothpaste

– yogurt                                                      – pumpkin

– blueberry green tea

Yes, I realize that processed cheese slices and sugar free yogurt aren’t  exactly the best food choices. However, I cannot afford greek yogurt ( as much as i’d like to be able to ) and for some odd reason I was craving cheese slices. So, I went with it, and have no guilt :)

This morning I went to a 10:30am yoga class @ Lululemon. I love that lululemon offers free yoga 2x a week for the public. I have really been getting into yoga lately, and having the option of these classes keeps me from getting bored of online classes. I also went on a 4 mile run, which was good…after I finished. It was tough, and I really need new running shoes :/

The rest of my weekend consisted of walks, studying like crazy and skyping. I love Skype. Makes keeping in contact with friends and family so much easier.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a short post, how I make a yogurt mess ;)


i miss my dog!

have a goodnight :)


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pancakes remind me of my childhood. Every Saturday, my grandparents that live an hour away from us would come down to visit. They would spoil us, like grandparents are meant to do. On Sundays, my grandfather would always make me and my brother pancakes, as many as we wanted. Watching cartoons was necessary aswell. Now when I eat pancakes, I think of those Sundays. And it makes these pancakes that much better.

Of course back then, my pancakes weren’t made of pumpkin and whole wheat flour, nor would I think of eating something healthy like a banana with them. I wish I could say that I was brilliant enough to come up with a pancake recipe that was this delicious. To be honest, I’m a failure at creating recipes. It’s no big deal really, I don’t mind, considering I have a million and one blogger recipes bookmarked to make.

So, for now, while I try to organize the blog, go here and make these pancakes . Seriously, they are amazing.



pancake heaven.

i’m coming back!

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I swear, I AM  going to be back blogging really soon. As you can see, I’ve changed the layout. I’ve also changed the About page and I added a page called My Loves ( which I realize is totally tacky but, couldn’t think of anything better ) . I’m working on adding a couple more pages, figuring out how the hell to work Twitter, and working on commenting as much as possible so as to increase my traffic to my blog. I’m hoping to start blogging regularly by the weekend. I should get a bit of work done on the blog tonight considering the weather today:


straight out blizzard.

Anyways, for now I am back to finishing some food prep for the week! I’ll fill you in later but, this is what my kitchen looks like at the moment!


major mess.

have a great (snow) day! :)

welcome home

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good morning!


loveloveLOVE my backyard! :)

So, I’ve been home for about two and a half days and I’ve decided I never want to go back to school ;) haha kidding! But I’m really having an amazing time at home :) There is snow! And i love it :) Check out how excited Lucy was to see me




precious. :)

I’ve been really busy since I’ve been home. I’ve took the dogs for three walks, a nice 5k run with my dog and I’ve spent the last two nights out with my friends. I truly think there is no better way to spend a night than just sitting around laughing like fools with your best friends! I’m having all my girls over tonight, it’s the first time we’ve ALL been together in forever, so I’m sure it is going to wild and loud ! :)

I’d going ice skating later this afternoon with my brother and then am prepping for the party so I better get going.I’ll recap the party maybe tomorrow or Tuesday night, we shall see. I will leave you with some more pictures of the animals, and the tree at home!






Have a wonderful Sunday!

ten reasons why i love home

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1. I get to be with three amazing horses waiting for me! Whom I haven’t see in five weeks.


lucy circa 2008! :)


Pearl, last year :)


and Jessie ;) the cutest.

2. It is not required that I wake up at the hour of 6:30 every morning. This also means I get to stay up past ten oclock without suffering the consequences the next day. That is something to be thankful for!

3. Did I mention my two gorgeous dogs?


Rosie, last year :)


And Sasha !

4. The fact that when I go running or walking I don’t have to inhale second hand smoke half the run/walk. It drives me INSANE how many people smoke in this city. And I feel like i’m the one smoking, I’m around it more than i’d like to be!

5. The fact that there is snow in my hometown, something Halifax has deprived me of so far!


This is last year, in my backyard. This is one of the few reasons I love winter.

6. When I go out for a run or walk at home, with my dogs I always see people I know :) And I love that about my small town! I like knowing people and smiling that them. It’s the simple things really.

7. I get to see my friends! <3



makes me miss summer!

8. my family <3


tall guy on the left : not my fam ;) he  was my date!

9. Christmas is my favorite time of year. Having my whole family in the same room on Christmas Eve is priceless to me!

10. I’m not meant to live in the city. That’s something I realized.I belong in my hometown, with everyone I love. And as much as I used to say I hated my hometown because it was small, there was nothing there,etc. I miss it like crazy.

And there are ten reasons I am extremely excited to go home tomorrow! Won’t you be glad when I finally get home so I will stop talking about going home? hah

I’ll try to post sometime this weekend, no promises!

I’ll see you when I see you :) 

the countdown

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This time of year, most people are counting down the days till Christmas, or New Years. However, when you’re a university or college student, Christmas and New Years countdowns are on the back burner. The main countdown in our lives? the day when a) exams are over and/or b) when we get to go home for Xmas break!

Luckily, I don’t have to suffer through exams this semester, in my school we only have exams in the spring. All I hear about from my uni friends are exams though, so much that, you’d think I was writing them myself, I’m so stressed for them! Needless to say, this week so far has been torture. All I can think about is that I’m going home on Friday! It’s going by ridiculously slow, I have no desire whatsoever to do any studying and I am totally burnt out on school. I NEED A BREAK. I’m so anxious to go home, stressed that it’s affecting my appetite. It’s outrageous . I need home, I need normalcy.

So, yeah…if I survive the next day and a half. It will be a miracle!

Today was good though, I only had to go to school for about 40minutes, because we had practical ( hands on ) testing today. The outfits we have to wear are AWFUL. The school shirts are disformed, we need to tuck them in, we must wear black cotton pants ( which are high waisted,ugh) and our hair must be pulled back. What’s this outfit look like?


not cool.

But I shouldn’t complain too much, atleast I had the majority of the day off ;) I got in a nice run before the test and went for a walk after. It was actually really warm today and sunny today! It was a nice change.



so not appealing! Pumpkin overnight oats, topped w/ half a banana, yogurt, pb  blob , two dates & sf syrup. If you haven’t noticed, I’m all about the toppings. :)



Random salad : spinach,carrots,tuna, chickpeas, trail mix & hummus. amazing!


Yes, I had a smoothie for supper tonight. It contained a banana, vanilla yogurt,pumpkin,cinnamon,spinach,water and chocolate almond milk. Topped with rolled oats & multigrain cheerios!

I had an afternoon snack & desert but it escaped the camera. I find myself often forgetting to take pictures of my food, it hasn’t become a habit yet! And i know my photos are boring but, I’m getting a new,much better camera for Christmas and I’m so excited! Hoepfully it’ll inspire some creativity for me :)

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for today…I have a good post in mind for tomorrow, hopefully I don’t get too lazy and actually take the time to write it up ;) Back to this :


studying anatomy. to the glee soundtrack <3

have a good night :)

it’s beginning to feel a lot like christmas….

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this weekend was pretty uneventful and unproductive. Nothing really exciting happened at all. But, with yesterday’s snow , I finally put up my christmas tree and the fact that I am currently watching the old animated version of Rudolph, it’s starting to feel like Christmas to me.


one of my favorite movies of all time.

So, I’m going to get back to my movie..hopefully I’ll have something interesting to post next time. ;) Here are some pictures of my tree though !



100_8548 100_8550

my friend cut out a ton of paper snowflakes for me to put on my living room wall :) I love them!

Enjoy your Sunday night!

ps: Listening to the Glee Christmas album on repeat also helps with the Xmas spirit (:

today i realized…

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today i realized….

running outside this winter is not going to be too much fun. Last tuesday and today I went running in snow flurries. I’d like to say it was peaceful, and that I enjoyed the softly falling flakes. Reality is that the wind blew the snow into my face, making it impossible for me to see where I was going and my feet were wet from the melting snow on the sidewalks. Tuesday was exceptionally horrible because it was more rain then snow. Let’s just say I looked similar to a drowned rat by the time I got back.


This is actually the most snow we’ve gotten in Halifax so far, it’s kind of sad. Usually, we have a crap ton by now.I’m not really complaining.

today i realized…

That sleeping in till ten thirty is amazing. Seriously, amazing. I’ve always been an early riser, usually I’m up by 8:30 on weekends. However, I’ve never had to get up at 6:30 every single morning like I have to now. I know there are a ton of other bloggers who get up at 5 every morning. They are crazy. I have no idea how they do it!

I’m not a typical college student. Late night studying? not for me. I don’t think I’ve done homework past 9:30 since I’ve started college. All nighters before tests? no friggen way. I need my sleep and function better that way. I don’t really see much benefit from staying up ridiculously late, unless time really constrains you./ endpointlessrant

today i realized…

There is only FIVE days left till I get to go home for christmas break! I NEED a break so badly, school has been CRAZY the last five weeks. It’s been five weeks since I was last home, I’ve never been away from home that long and I must say, I’m not loving it and am SUPER anxious to get back home!

today I realized …

It’s been forever since I’ve blogged. I’m not really sure why I can’t get into regular blogging. Maybe it’s because I haven’t found out what exactly I want to write about? I’m really paranoid about posting uninteresting things, or just sounding dumb in general. I love reading other blogs, and seeing how so many people make great blog friends. I really want to keep a steady blog, and am going to try to work on it. It’s probably going to be random posting, about random things while I try to figure out what i want to blog about.

I’ve only been awake for 12hours but I’m SO tired. And have run out of words. I will however, leave you with some photos from my last trip home, five weeks ago…Which I was just about to leave for in my last blog post :p

My mom and I took the horses for a ride in the field behind our house (: thats my mom, below





She actually knocked me on my butt after this photo :p


Hopefully talk to you soon!

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